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from $200 ex GST

This service delivers expert advice on the furniture, placement and colour selections within your budget that will breath new life into your home.

After the comprehensive consultation, you will receive advice regarding types of purchases to make


Exterior Colour Consultation from $700 ex GST (includes a 2D plan of colour scheme)

Interior Colour Consultation from $400 ex GST

A Home Colour Consultation includes comprehensive advice on colour schemes for all internal and/or external elements of your home, including: interior and exterior paint colour; cladding colour; roof and fascia; timber decking and floors; and advice on appropriate fabrics and colours for curtains, blinds and furniture upholstery.

After the comprehensive consultation, you receive a spreadsheet with details of all selected paint colours and fabrics, their costs and store locations, along with installation guidance for your new colour scheme. The Exterior Colour Consultation also includes a 2D drawing of the colour scheme for your house exterior.


from $600 ex GST per room

Breath new life into your existing home with a complete redesign of the furniture, placement, homewares and decorative art.

After the comprehensive consultation, you receive 3D drawings of each room with instructions for placement of items, along with a detailed, itemised list of all new homewares and where to purchase them.


from $800 ex GST per room

10% discount if selecting 6 or more rooms (from $4800 down to $4320 ex GST)

The complete package: after detailed consultation, Oser Design’s stylist Rachel puts together a comprehensive selection sheet for all your style and colour elements, including furniture, carpet, decorative features, paint colours, upholstery, curtains and more.

Once you have checked and signed off on all selections, the team at Oser Design organises the ordering, delivery, painting and installation of all items.

Home styling specialist Rachel is an expert in editing together your dream space on any budget. From advice and selection of furniture and fittings, through to consultation on paint and fabric colours, and advice on placement of decorative art, Rachel’s home styling service takes bare rooms and converts them into the oasis of your imagination.

Oser Design offers four levels of Styling: Interior Consultation, Home Colour Consultation, Furniture/Style Selections and the Full Styling Package.





In preparation, we send you a questionnaire with specific questions about your dream home design style and colour scheme. Oser Design then develops a brief with styling and colour options based upon your preferences and budget. We then meet at our office to review the design brief in person, and you select your service level: Interior Consultation, Home Colour Consultation, or Full Styling Package.


After deciding upon your service level, and further discussion of your style preferences, we meet again at our office to review a more detailed design brief and sign off on the final selections for your home design style and/or colour scheme.

For the Interior Consultation and Home Colour Consultation services, you receive detailed instructions for how to purchase and install all design elements. For the Full Styling Package, Oser Design organises the purchase, delivery, painting and installation of all elements with our dedicated stockists and suppliers, passing on our trade discounts to your budget.


For an additional charge of $60 an hour, our stylist Rachel can also attend and offer advice at window and flooring treatment appointments and homeware selection trips to suppliers.


Get in touch to talk about how we can help to create your perfect home or business interior. It’s free for an initial consultation and quote!